Unibody & frame repair


Frame & Unibody Repair in Sunnyvale, CA

The frame of your car or truck, also referred to as the unibody, is what holds much of the weight of the vehicle. The engine, transmission and other mechanical components, as well as body pieces and the interior, are all supported by the frame.


What is the Frame/Unibody?

The unibody is essentially the sturdy shell of your Car. It is designed to support the heavy aspects of the vehicle while providing extensive protection to occupants inside. In many vehicles, the frame has built in crumple-zones that cause the car to crumple around the seating areas, which provide additional protection to the driver and passengers. It is important that the frame is restored to its factory specifications following an accident, as a bent or otherwise damaged frame can cause multiple issues for the vehicle. Not only could a hindered frame snap, but even minor damage can cause the vehicle to drift or be vulnerable to other driving issues.

Unibody & Frame Repair

To ensure your car, truck or fleet vehicle’s frame is properly repaired we use Velocity’s The most accurate frame measuring system. This high tech tool features ultra modern laser technology that identifies damage that is invisible to the naked eye, as well as documenting the areas you can see. This helps our expert technicians design the most effective repair plan. The laser technology helps pinpoints hidden damage, helping to eliminate the need for the possibility of additional repairs in the future

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Need a fix on the fender. The whole process was very smooth. Got a quote through yelp first and the manager Desiree replied promptly! Brought in my car and got back in three days. Javier was our technician. Very professional and don't mind to spend extra time to make things the way we want. Honest business too. Even though insurance covered, their estimate and final cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend!
Like many others, I visited Active Auto Body after being rear-ended. State Farm recommended this shop, and honestly I couldn't be happier.
This is the first place I went to for an estimate for my car damage. I walked in and Javier was able to help me right away. He was very kind and professional. I ended up choosing this place because it was first choice on my insurance policy. They told me that it would take 5-7 days to repair my car. By the end of day 5, I got a phone call that my car repair was done! When I picked up my car the next day, it was perfect! They even cleaned up the tree sap that was stuck on the side of my door that I couldn't get off without me asking them to. Extra bonus points in my book. Definitely recommend them to anyone.


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